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3 Halloween Must-Haves (That Aren’t Candy!)

Boo! Did we scare you? With Halloween only a few short weeks away, the focus is probably on kitkats, costumes, and discount candy on November 1st. While we love a sugar rush—and cheap chocolate—we’ve found a few other Halloween must-haves you need for a fun and fantastic day.


Glowsticks and reflective tape

Sure, Halloween is full of spooky vibes, but it’s also all about keeping kiddos safe on their trick-or-treating adventures. Many Halloween costumes consist of dark clothing which can make it difficult for drivers and other pedestrians to see your little one while they’re out and about. Glowsticks (or fun glow necklaces, bracelets, and even headbands) and reflective tape are an easy and inexpensive way to make sure your trick-or-treater can be seen from a distance. For an added boost, consider dropping a glowstick in your trick-or-treaters treat bag to light up their Halloween haul.


A cute, personalized candy bag

Halloween crafting, anyone? While there’s nothing wrong with collecting your candy haul in a pillowcase, we happen to think it’s the perfect opportunity for some artistic expression. Bust out the markers, glitter, and fabric paint and turn an old pillowcase into a new customized candy bag. Freehand your designs for a funky and fabulous masterpiece or opt for iron-on patches or vinyl for an effortless pillowcase upgrade. Either way, we’re sure you’ll craft the perfect candy big for an extra big haul full of extra sweet treats.


A showstopping pumpkin

Carving a pumpkin? That’s so last year. Just kidding! Carving pumpkins is classic Halloween. But, if you’re feeling like breaking with tradition, we’ve got you covered. If silly is more your style, try adding accessories to your pumpkin—like googly eyes or fake teeth. Break out the sharpies and doodle your heart out for a graffiti inspired design or go for chic and use lace as a stencil to paint patterns on your pumpkin and finish the look with rhinestones and bling.  Of course, if you still want to carve a traditional pumpkin, you can pick one (or three!) up at Fairway Market.


Have a happy, safe, and not-too-scary Halloween!