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Must-Reads for the Whole Family

Picture it: a warm, cozy evening at home with full mugs of hot chocolate, soft and fuzzy throw blankets, and fresh new hardcover book to dive into. If this sounds like heaven, well, we happen to agree. That’s why we’ve picked out must-reads for the whole family this season.


For the tech wizard: Genuis Makers: The Mavericks Who Brought Ai to Google, Facebook, and the World by Cade Metz

How does artificial intelligence and rapidly advancing technology fit with the pursuit of knowledge? How do we address concerns about privacy and security in the technology sector? And when is enough, enough? Explore these questions and more as you learn about the ideas driving a new kind of arms race centered around artificial intelligence and the risks and benefits encountered along the way.


For the pop culture junkie: The Woman in Me by Britney Spears

Even if you’re not a fan of Baby One More Time or Oops I Did it Again, Britney’s memoir is sure to intrigue any pop culture fan or celebrity enthusiast. Take a deep dive into the pop princess’s journey, in her own words, and learn more about what’s at the core of one of pop’s most iconic performers.


For the literary lover: The Paper Palace by Miranda Cowley Heller

With over one million copies sold, this New York Times Bestseller surely has a place on any bookworm’s shelf. A dramatic, emotional, nail-biting romance, The Paper Palace takes a deep dive into complex relationships, friendships, desires, what-ifs, and family for better or worse.


For the poet: What You Need to Be Warm by Neil Gaiman

Drawing on personal memories, best-selling author and United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Goodwill Ambassador, Neil Gaiman thoughtfully explores the answer to the question: what do you need to be warm? paired with beautiful illustrations from thirteen different artists.


For the kiddo: Scaredy Squirrel Gets Festive by Melanie Watt

When Scaredy Squirrel starts getting ready for Christmas in June, he thinks nothing can possibly go wrong…until his friends break the decorations! This sweet and uplifting story is the perfect holiday read for little ones and fans of Scaredy Squirrel can also follow along on his other adventures in the series, and catch him on his animated television series, too.


Happy reading!