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Everything You Need For a Super Spring Break

Spring break—that magical time of year when the days start to get a little longer, the weather (hopefully) gets a little warmer, and kiddos of all ages get a little time off. But keeping kids busy during spring break is no small task. That’s why we’ve put together the ultimate list of spring break essentials you need to keep your spring break student entertained.


First up, let’s talk about outdoor activities. With the weather warming up, it’s the perfect time to get outside and soak up some sunshine, or layer up and run around in the rain. Consider investing in new sports equipment like a hockey stick, soccer ball, or frisbee and planning a trip to the park. Or pick up some lawn games like horseshoes or bocce ball for backyard fun.


Spring break needs snacks…a lot of snacks. Try involving your kids in meal prep and planning over spring break or make something new together. Too busy? Spring break is also the perfect time to try a new restaurant or pick up your favourite takeout meal or sweet treat.


Now, let’s talk about downtime. While it’s great to be out and about, it’s also important to have some quiet moments to unplug and unwind. Head to the bookstore for a new read or quiet offline activity like puzzles and activity books. Have a little artist on your hands? Pick up some new art supplies or a craft kit and let your imagination run wild.


Whatever your schedule has in store, we wish you a relaxing, restful, and memorable spring break!