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6 Egg-cellent Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

Easter is a time for celebrating, eating chocolate, and of course, decorating eggs. If you’re looking for a fresh take on a timeless tradition—keep reading. We’ve put together some fun family-friendly ideas and easy techniques that will have your Easter eggs looking egg-ceptional in no time.


Natural Dyes

Ever wonder what exactly is in those Easter egg dye kits? Well, why not make the switch to natural dyes using fruits and veggies like spinach, beets, and blueberries? Not only is it a great alternative to traditional dyes, but it’s a fun science experiment for kiddos, too!


Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos aren’t just for skin anymore – they also work great on Easter eggs! Let kids choose their favorite designs, apply them to boiled eggs following the instructions on the tattoo package, and voila—a super cool instantly decorated egg with minimal mess.



Make your Easter eggs groovy this year with a one-of-a-kind tie-dye pattern. Simply wrap your eggs with rubber bands before dying and then remove the bands to reveal a creative, colourful print.



From bunnies to chicks to tulips there’s no shortage of seasonal stickers that are totally on theme this time of year. Better yet, they’re a quick, easy, and fun way for little ones to decorate their eggs! Plus, any leftovers can easily be used for other arts and crafts projects.



Feeling a little extra? Why not bling out your Easter eggs this year? Create your own mini disco ball with glue on gems and sequins—and don’t forget the glitter.


Character eggs

Bring on the googly eyes, pipe cleaners, fabric scraps, and cardboard feet and turn your eggs into tiny characters. For an added bonus, have your kiddos make up a fun story to go along with them!


With these creative ideas, coloring Easter eggs is more than just a tradition – it’s a chance for kids to unleash their imagination, express themselves, and create lasting memories with loved ones. So gather your supplies, set up a crafting station, and let the egg-citement begin!