Shop and Save!

Shop with your reusable bag and save money! Don't mind if we do!

Apr 19. - Apr. 23

A bed designed for luxury

The best sleep you've ever had!

Apr. 19 - Apr. 22

Find your faves!

Wrapped in comfort and luxury., I'm on my way for a new fluffy robe!

Apr. 18 - Apr. 29

Oo la la!

Now's your chance to visit France!

Apr 19. - Apr. 30

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend

Dripping with diamonds, yes please!

Apr. 19 - Apr. 22

Beach dreamin’

We're dreaming of the white sand, clear water, and the endless sun and surf of a beach vacay.

Apr. 3 - Apr. 30

A little taste of Summer

Summer is calling! Stimulate your senses with a refreshing strawberry watermelon fruit smoothie.

Mar 29. - May. 3

Win a $5000 Spring Space

Win a new Spring Space at Westshore Town Centre and create a beautiful backyard oasis!

Mar 16. - Apr 30.

Open House

It's a hot housing market out there, be prepared for your new digs with an exclusive event at CIBC.

Apr. 274 pm - 6 pm