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New Kid on the Block – Part 2


It’s official!  Sugar Sandwich Design Studio is open at Westshore Town Centre!  In part one of our interview with owner Ettie Catto, we learned all about Ettie and how Sugar Sandwich and her amazing Grow Along Babywear™ came into being.  Now, we are excited to share with you more about the products you’ll find at Sugar Sandwich.


What inspired you to create the Grow Along Babywear™ brand?

Lots of people ask me how I came up with the Grow Along Babywear™ concept.  It started, not so many years ago when my little granddaughter came into the world.  As a mom of boys, I was delighted to sew girly things for her, but shocked at how quickly she outgrew every pretty thing I made.

One day her mom showed me a pair of pants she had found, with extra length added to the cuffs so they would fit longer.  That’s when I realized that clothing for kids didn’t have to have such a short-term fit!  Babies are only little for a while, but their clothing should be able to last throughout the growth-spurt stages.  Now all my babywear patterns allow for extreme fit beyond the conventional measurement norms.  Grow Along pants became my signature product, and it wasn’t long before I started playing with pattern redesigns to find more ways to make baby clothing fit for longer.

Moms, dads, grandparents, aunties and cousins, all who didn’t want to throw money away on clothing that wouldn’t last, started to try my products.  Word spread, and shoppers were coming back for more, and by word-of-mouth others started seeking me out at local markets and craft fairs.  One of my greatest pleasures now is to be at a market, and to see little ones wearing their Sugar Sandwich pants or hoodies from a season or two ago. T he happy comments are always the same. “They still fit!”

Where do you get your inspiration for the fabrics and fun patterns that you choose?

It’s my mission to make quality sustainable babywear products that allow extra room for growth and last for years beyond the fast-fashion of today.

Our products will fit for a year or two or even more, so need the best quality fabrics to make that a reality.  My motto?  “Life is too short to sew with cheap fabric!”  Using the cutest, best quality, durable fabrics imported from European textiles manufacturers with highest standards for fabric production, my staff and I work long hours in my Sooke studio to make babywear that is cute and comfortable with long-lasting fit.  I am always on the lookout for cute fabrics that will stand up to the test of toddler wear-and-tear, and reflect a fun, cheerful and joyous view of our world.

Tell us a bit about more about your products and what we can expect to find in your store.

We make growth-spurt friendly clothing for babies and toddlers.  I cater to mamas, dads, grandparents, aunties, uncles, friends and family, and all those people looking for a baby gift.  They all want something cute that won’t be outgrown before it barely even gets worn.  Our Grow Along products have unconventional sizing standards and will fit beyond the norm.  Our Mini sizes fit for the first year and our Maxis fit for a couple of years after that.  We offer pants, harem rompers, hoodies, printed tops, onesie extenders, hats and other accessories.

I often hear shoppers say they are reluctant to spend good money on clothing when the babies seem to be growing in their sleep.  Grow Along Babywear™ product line addresses that need, takes the guesswork out of buying the right size, and gives the satisfaction knowing the clothing will be worn for longer.

What else would you like the Westshore community to know about Sugar Sandwich Design?

Locally made, locally loved; we are the spirit of Canadian handmade, produced with hard work and passion for something better.  Designed to meet a need for sustainable clothing, moving away from fast-fashion products, Grow Along Babywear™ products have great re-sale value and are an investment with staying power.  And they’re cute!


Visit Sugar Sandwich Design Studio at Westshore Town Centre, located between Dollarama and Westshore Dental.  Be sure to follow them on social media in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and online at sugarsandwich.com.