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3 Tips For Buying A New Bike

Are you gearing up to get your kiddos a new bike? Whether you’re buying their first set of wheels or upgrading to a new big kid ride, we’ve put together a few tips to find the right fit and stay safe on every adventure.


1. Get the measuring tape

First things first, let’s talk measurements. When it comes to choosing the right size bike for your child, height is your best friend. Start by measuring your kiddo’s inseam and then their overall height. This will give you a good indication of which bike size will provide the most comfortable fit (and hopefully last a little while, too).

You’ll also want to familiarize yourself with bike sizing charts. Many manufacturers have these charts available online that factor in a little one’s age, height, and inseam to give you a great starting point on what size bike you’ll likely need.


2. Make some adjustments

Kids grow. When you’re bike shopping, keep in mind how the pedals, seat, and handlebars are situated and how they can be adjusted to better accommodate your young rider and shift to grow with them in future. The more room you have to adjust, the longer your new bike will comfortably fit your child.

Different bikes also have a different weight. Bring your kiddo with you so they can get a feel for the bike in person, test how it easy it is to maneuver, and find what they like, too.


3. Don’t forget the accessories

Beyond a spiffy and stylish new bike, it’s important to make sure your kiddo has a helmet that fits properly and is correctly adjusted. Consider also adding additional lights and reflectors to your youngster’s bike for added visibility and increased road safety, and some fun stickers and decals for a personalized touch.


The experts at Westshore Bikes are here to answer your questions and make sure you get the right bike for each family member.  Make sure to ask them about their bike exchange program!


Buckle up, hit the bike paths, and happy riding!